Moving got you STRESSED?

Moving stress

Stress related to moving can be dramatically reduced. Do your best to follow the advice below and make a smooth move.

1. Accept it. Whether you are moving into the brand new dream home or downsizing and under pressure, accept that you are going to feel some chaos and it could be a little hectic, but know that it’s temporary. When you can’t find your sons favorite toy or the coffee pot because boxes are everywhere and everything is crazy, just keep it cool.To prevent a lot of that from happening follow the next step.

2. Prepare. Start packing things slowly and get rid of the things you don’t want before hand. In addition to that, prepare for a high-intensity pack day. This is were you are really grooving and the majority of the packing gets done. We can’t stress how important is it to get rid of unwanted items before you move. Not much is worse than moving into your new house and having those remaining items cluttering and taking up significant space.

3. Be Flexible. Even if you super organized and have a detailed plan, something will come up. The entertainment center might not  fit in the new living room, the washer and dryer could need different adapters, whatever happen, just stay flexible. Do your best to adjust and get back on schedule.

4. Get Help. There are lots of moving companies, including McDougal & Son Movers, whose only mission in life is to help you move. If you don’t have the money to hire a professional moving company, get some friends to help you.

5. Allow time to decompress, but do it outside of the house. This is where many go wrong. For whatever reason, we have noticed that when people are moving into a new place, where boxes and furniture are still in that transitional state, trying to relax in the new house has more of the reverse effect. People see the unpacked boxes and become guilty for taking a break while knowing there is still tons to get done . How you go about relaxing is up to your preferences but massages are highly recommended. Taking a break and getting away from the moving process might seem counterintuitive if you are rushing to move. But many times that break can allow you to be more productive during your move hours.

P.S. Want to know a way to make moving super easy? ? ? DONT DO IT. Seriously, don’t do the work. Hire McDougal & Son Movers and go on with your day. 541-232-5699.

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