Move Strategically

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Move Strategically

What does it mean to move strategically? Simply put, it means not doing things at random. McDougal & Son Movers doesn’t do things at random. We don’t just throw your possessions in the back and hope it fits , doesn’t get broken, lost or damaged. How is this relevant to you? It saves money for you!  It’s really not all that hard. Here are simple things you can do to help us move you strategically.

Know what items you want the movers to take.  Sounds pretty obvious, but I would say at least half of the jobs we do people are not actually sure of all items they want us to move.

Know where you want the items to be moved. An address would be perfect, sometimes moving companies can’t just follow you to the destination (street lights, truck doesn’t fit down certain streets, etc). Also, once they arrive, a general idea of where you want things is adequate. Unloading it all in your driveway and then deciding isn’t a good idea  . . . I’m sure most moving companies will do it, on request,  but its a time waster.

Have labels/names on boxes. This one can be tricky and in another post I cover it thoroughly. Basically, don’t just put stuff in boxes and try to figure it out later. Sure, the moving companies can load/unload labeled and unlabeled boxes just the same. However,  after they leave, do you really want a living room full of mystery boxes? Take a couple extra seconds and label the boxes so the movers can put them in the appropriate room.

Have the appropriate sized boxes. Please don’t fill your refrigerator  box with your book collections, olympic weight set and motorcycle parts. Movers don’t expect you to worry about it too much but be reasonable.

Be aware of at least the general cost of services. If you are using a moving company in Eugene, Oregon, the best way to do this is utilize our FREE in-house estimate option. It’s super simple, call 541-232-5699. Most movers try to do the job as fast as safety permits, but don’t expect them to move 3 storage units filled with pianos, 25 miles away, up 9 flights of stairs  in an hour.

Let us know what we are dealing with in  advance. If you have a spa, safe, piano and you’re living on a top floor penthouse, please mention it to the moving company. Any items that are out of the norm should be discussed.  That 7ft 15th century armored knight suit you where around the house, that qualifies. The movers do their best to ask about stairs and items but sometimes there are unconsidered things (an unusually small hallway or  11 stories and no elevator ,etc).

The main thing here is, if you can, do a little prep work, it will save you money, make things go smoothly and stop stress.

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