Our Moving Services


In-depth look at what we can do for YOU.

McDougal & Son Movers has everything necessary for your move. This includes a professional moving truck, dollies, blankets, tie-downs, protective coverings, insurance and experience. Feel comfort in knowing we can get the job done well.

Our move crews are experienced and trained. They know how important your stuff really is, not just of monetary value but the sentimental value of your belongings. We do everything we can to protect it from being damaged. However, just in case of those rare occasions we provide you with a basic transportation protection plan for no additional charge. We also have other insurance options available to satisfy your needs.

We will pack/unpack, load/unload, provide transportation/delivery and move pianos. We work holidays, 7 days a week. Small jobs are welcomed. We will do what is necessary to make you have a pleasant moving experience.

We don’t provide packing/unpacking service on the same day as your move.

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