This is where we answer some general questions and address common concerns.

How much will it cost? This depends on the job, we will give you a free in-house estimate if you call 541-232-5699. However, our local rate is $99/hr for two movers, equipment and a moving truck.

Can you just give me a quote over the phone? No, oral and over the phone quotes are not permitted by Oregon law. If a client wants an estimate we need to do it only after a visual assessment. We can provide  you with a free in-house estimate.

Are you insured and licensed? Yes, we are insured and have multiple insurance options available to you. In order to be authorized by ODOT you need to provide proof of insurance. You could say we are licensed but it’s more appropriate to say we are approved. Our  ODOT# is 140390.

What items are not permitted to be moved? This is NOT a complete list.  The following items are not allowed: Guns/weapons, hazardous materials and wastes, automobiles, explosives or animals.

What are your minimum charges? $99.00. We have a 1 hour minimum.

How can I pay? Cash, check and credits cards accepted.

When do I pay? We typically charge after services have been provided.

Do you charge more for stairs? NO.

Do you have any secret fees, that you are going to try and trick me into paying? Not at all. We are very straight forward about our rates.

Will you guys get the job done at a reasonable pace? We try to get it done as fast as safety permits us. Lots of moving jobs come from recommendations, so it is NOT in our interest to ‘milk’ the jobs.

How can I prepare so the movers can get the job most efficientently? Know what you want us to move and have loose items boxed. We typically move the boxes first.

How secure are my belongings, what if something does get damaged? Very secure. We pack things, neatly and carefully. For the rare occasionssomething goes wrong we have insurance, so you are covered.

How many movers should I hire? This is job dependent. We encourage you to have someone come out and assess the job for a more accurate answer. However, 2-3 is most common.

When should I schedule the move? The earlier the better, however we try to meet your needs. We will try our hardest to meet even SAME-DAY moving needs.

What services are offered? McDougal & Son Movers, offers pack/unpack, load/unload, transportation/delivery, and most standard moving services.

What does is ODOT? Oregon Department of Transportation. They decide whether people are adequate to perform and offer moving services in Oregon.