Damaged antique room piano and air compressor in the street

This post covers two important aspects of the moving business. The people and the results.

Notice the excerpt said “remembering that guy who didn’t hire professional movers”. That includes both, the person who tried to do the impossible themselves and the guy who hired people who were inadequate movers.

Who are inadequate movers? Well, there are two types.

The first type. We call them inadequate movers but should be called ILLEGAL movers. They don’t have the authority to operate from the Oregon Department of Transportation or from the United States Department of Transportation. These guys don’t have the proper insurance, and they aren’t supposed to be moving people at all.

Now, the second type. These movers have all the paperwork done, all the right documents and fulfill all state and federal requirements. But they don’t have the customers best interest in mind. They are just out to get paid. They don’t try to correct their mistakes. They don’t tell you when they break something. They try and ‘milk’ the job. They don’t give realistic quotes or estimates. They don’t handle your stuff with care.  Once in a while, even the best move team will make a mistake.  A quality moving company will have no problem admitting it and fixing it (pun intended).

Okay, for the guy who tried to do it themselves. We respects that people want to do things cost-effectively. We appreciate you going out working, and being proactive about your move. So, for the ambitious we want to give you one suggestion. Move most of the stuff by yourself but hire or get help with the big stuff, even if it’s just one item. No point in taking unnecessary risks with your valuables.

Closing thoughts. The picture is of a broken piano and along with the title and excerpt does have an element of humor. But the picture actually represents something not so comical, unwanted results. So, check out your movers, and be realistic with what you can accomplish alone.

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