Moving Companies in Eugene Oregon

Looking for moving companies in Eugene or Springfield Oregon? Well, you have came to the right place.

Searching for moving companies can be a difficult task, especially online. If you typed in, ‘moving companies Eugene’, or something similar in your search engine, you may have noticed many of the resulting websites are not  actually moving companies in Eugene. They are third party lead generation services trying to get your info, so they can sell a moving ‘lead’ to the moving companies in Eugene. Now, that’s all fine and dandy but in an already crowded internet space it makes finding what your looking for challenging, especially if your not familiar with the deception. In addition, some of these online moving company directories are outdated. So, when you find what your looking for, moving companies in Eugene, it will be of little help.  Searching online and in the yellow pages/ phone book under,  Moving, Movers, Relocation services, etc,  there are lots of moving companies listed but many do not even exist, anymore. I grabbed a phone book from the local coffee shop and called all the moving companies listed. The results . . . over 1/2 either did not exist, phone disconnected or wouldn’t answer the phone after multiple attempts. That is a big waste of time. Seems like someone is more concerned about ad revenue than content delivery, but I digress.

Anyway, our goal is to help you out. We know you love us. But you are probably going to call around, get estimates, quotes and find the most adequate movers for your needs. Which is cool and encouraged. For that sole reason alone, of helping you ease your searching troubles, we have compiled a list of local movers in the Eugene and Springfield area. A small disclaimer, all information below is just our opinion. Also, all do-it-yourself moving companies, truck rentals, moving supply, and u-pack services have been omitted.

Here ya go!

McDougal & Son Movers aka ‘Full Service Stress-Free Moving’– 541-232-5699, Obviously, we are biased. We are an INTRAstate mover. We only provide moving services in Oregon. We are specifically based out of Eugene. We love Eugene, its people and love helping them out and helping them move.

If you are going across state lines or looking for a move/storage combo we recommend one of the following moving companies:

Lile NorthAmerican-541.997.4424
Bertsch/AlliedVanLines – 541.344.6257

Other local Eugene movers, who might be able to help you
O’grady Family Moving 541.822.3936

Again, this is specifically for movers we know are serving the EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD areas. There might be some other great movers out there in Eugene but we either don’t know them well enough to send people over there, or they didn’t meet our criteria*. This list is supposed to help our customers handle with their moving research. We found many numbers and moving companies in the phone book simply don’t answer,have been disconnected or out of business.

* Our criteria was extremely simply. 1. Must be a legit moving company, with ODOT/USDOT and insurance and a phone number 2. Must be willing/able to answer the phone or call you back. 3. When the phone is answered, the moving company had to NOT be rude. Notice I didn’t say they had to be friendly, nice and welcoming, they just had to NOT be rude.

P.S. If you know of some other moving companies you think should be mentioned on the list, who are serving the EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD areas, leave a comment and we will review it.

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