Eugene Piano Movers

So you bought a piano but your not sure how to get it home. Good news, McDougal & Son Eugene Movers absolutely loves moving pianos.

Pianos are beautiful gentle instruments.  Most places you buy a piano from will offer a delivery service. However, if you purchase a piano from a private seller, say from craigslist or a small antique shop, they might not be able to offer a piano delivery service. If you get in a situation where you need to hire a piano mover, in the Eugene or Springfield area, call McDougal & Son Movers and we will be more than happy to move it for you.

We aren’t sure what is going on, but people sure seem to be buying a lot of pianos. For whatever reason, we have been receiving a lot of piano moving requests. Which, we find totally awesome. So, we wanted to thank everyone who used our service.  We also wanted to let you know a couple things . . . We don’t charge more for piano moves. Eugene or Springfield piano moves are charged at our same  local hourly rate, $99. If the piano is going on a long trip be sure to check out our rate page.

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