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All is good here in Eugene, Or. Anyway, I’ll get to the point. If you have recently used our service please leave a review. Other customers really appreciate being able to hear other peoples experiences and we really appreciate it. It encourages us when we hear we did a great job. And when we mess

Summer is around the corner

Summer is around the corner and people are starting to schedule. Don’t forget to schedule your move ASAP! Its going to be a busy summer. p.s. we will always try as hard as we can to accomodate your needs. Last minute moves are always welcome, if we are available.

Attention: Movers in Eugene

Some things to consider when choosing a moving company in Eugene, Or.

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Move Strategically

Chess composition

Move Strategically What does it mean to move strategically? Simply put, it means not doing things at random. McDougal & Son Movers doesn’t do things at random. We don’t just throw your possessions in the back and hope it fits , doesn’t get broken, lost or damaged. How is this relevant to you? It saves

Moving got you STRESSED?

Moving stress

A few tips to help you ease the moving pains.